Software House

What is a software house ?

A software house is basically a company that chiefly provides software products. Such software companies specialize in SaaS that is software-as-a-service

The purpose of software house

• The main purpose of software house is to develop and distribute software products.

For running software house education required

For running a software house it’s good to have a bachelor’s degree and certification in computer science or software engineering but even if you dont have a degree, you should have some computer knowledge.

Skills required:

• Application programming
• Server setup + management
• Design + branding
• Email automation
• Marketing + promotion
• Audio/video recording + editing
• Customer support

Startup costs

• You can manage clients first on your own with some work from freelancers without any office, but as the work increases, you can make an office and hire people to work for you which can cost you around $12,000-$15,000 or even less.

Make a business plan of your software house

• Describe the technology and expertise of your software house.
• Mention about your niche market as what type of software you are going to develop is it for a medical field etc?
• Select your business structure, mention about the staff you will hire and their specific skills.
• Describe about the size of your company are you confined to your local community or will go beyond?

Get yourself registered:

You need to register your company, you have to give your software house a particular name in order to stand out.

Your software house must ponder at the following:

• Keep your products simple and self-explanatory as SaaS products are usually self-served.
• Several packages should be offered by you.
• Adapt an ecosystem
• You must offer the accurate amount of professional services
• Supervise your dashboard (churn rate, cash flow etc)
• Line up the incentives (such as compensating the salespersons)

Get yourself advertised:

• Create a website for your software house and provide all the details of your soft wares in it.
• Print your business cards.