Interior Decoration

Who is interior decorator?

Interior decorator is the one who is responsible to enhance the inside of buildings or specific rooms in a building to meet the needs of the dwellers. Interior decorator has to choose colors, paints, furniture, floor and window coverings, and lighting.

If you are creative and capable of turning a dull place into an interesting one than interior decorator is your field.
Interior decorator can start their business without any certification but for being an interior designer you must have the certification

Required skill:

• Interior decorator must be capable to work with people and accommodate his each client’s preference.
• Interior decorator is supposed to be artistic, innovative and creative.

Build a portfolio:

You have to offer your services to your near and dear ones it will assist you getting experience and that is is how you will be able to build your portfolio.
Pen down your business plan
Pen down all the details of your business plan including the interior designs and creativity you will work out.
Determine and decide if you want a license
For having legal entity you can contact to your local Chamber of Commerce. You can have special license to run your business. Later choose a name for your interior decorator business and get it registered.

Get exposure:

For getting exposure you must use resources such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook in order to get an outlook on the industry and skills you require to perform successfully and to discover new trends.

Now select a niche based on skills and passion.

List up your services:

Make a list of your services you have in your mind and what you are going to offer your clients like selecting floor or paint colors and space planning.
Mention a cost with each service.
If you want to set your price on hourly based work then go for it.

Make a business a card:

Your business card should contain the following details:
• Your name.
• Email address.
• Phone number.

Purchase business card stock from your local office supply store.

Track your progress:

You should be taking pictures of all your projects and get it added to your online album. Present this to your potential clients so they can get the idea of your style and work.

Pay scale of interior decorators

Well the salaries earned and made by interior decorators ranged from $24,536 to $124,383 annually including overtime and bonuses. The median annual salary of interior decorator is $38,857.