It is all about hunting down the domestic sources in order to figure out their willingness to export the products what foreign buyers are interested to get by spending money.

Import/export itself is a business in which one buys products from another state at cheap prices and sell it out on a high price and earns profit.

Who is import/export specialist:

Import/export specialists are said to be those professionals whose duty is to coordinate international shipping.

Major tasks:

• Tracking shipments
• Working with clients
• Categorizing shipments.

Minimum education required:

In accordance with this field the minimum education should be a bachelor’s degree.

Duties of import/export specialists:

• Facilitation of shipments for crossing international borders
• Ensure that the shipment adheres to customs regulations.
• Counseling clients on the matters of insurance, tariffs and quotas.
• Counseling clients suggesting them some ways to reduce duties and taxes.
• Preparing goods for shipment with convenient economical packages.

Make a business plan:

First of all decide who is your target market. You have to select your niche in order to determine whom do you want to work with. Such as if you have know how in the genre of health and care you can do import export in the same field with health related products.

Determine your agency:

Well there are Export managers who tend to locate buyers from the existing manufacturing firms, whereas export-trading companies figure out those companies that are interested in selling their goods overseas. More ever there is also an option of importing and exporting goods on your own in this way you will be able to earn a salary or receive a commission.

Equipment required:

It can be operated home based, but still some equipment is needed:
• Computer
• Fax machine
• Printer

Get a license:

It is safe to get a business license. For this purpose seek the details from a licensing agency of your city.

Get yourself advertised:

• Print business cards.
• Fliers