Household Organizer

Who is a house-hold organizer ?

A house hold organizer is the one who organizes households in this way:
• Packing and moving.
• Managing filing system.
• Garage organizing.
• Organizing closets.
There are many families even the individuals who are eager to have organizer for their homes. It is the duty of home organizer to provide assistance with this task.

Home organizer is capable of:

• This business of home organizer demands understanding the needs of every client.
• Home organizer should have the ability to organize his client’s belongings in a best possible way which should make him feel much comfortable than ever before.

Start-up cost:

Its start-up cost varies because it depends upon what type of services you are going to provide.
There are some home organizers who give you the offer of redesigning services to completely adjust and redesign their client’s living space.

Skills required:

• Organizing skills.
• Management skills.

Start giving your services:

You can offer your organizing services in the following areas
• Home
• Garage
• Closet
that would be a real fun and profitable at the same time.

Survey the industry and local market:

Do a research in industry and into your local market.
Get information from the National Association Of Professional Organizers. It will provide you the basic and solid information about how to start a home organization business.
Further it will provide you the list of organizers in your area.

Get experience and specialization:

By checking out about the other organizing services you can specialize in your specific area such as home or garage. Through this you will get experience.


• It would be fruitful to make a portfolio. For this you need to volunteer your time in order to get maximum experience.
• Initially offer your services free to your family and friends.
• Make sure you must capture the before and after photographs.
• Also give your services as a volunteer at local retirement homes.

This all will help you to discover which are the areas you need to work on more.

Other things you need to know:

• You should know how to use computer.
• You must keep records.
• Basic budgeting and accounting skills.

Seek for a job in a related field:

By doing the job in a related field either as an event coordinator or an administrative assistant you will earn a great credibility and experience.

Get benefited by internet:

Internet can be beneficial in this way
• Start a blog and comment on other blogs too by giving your feedback.
• Show off your skills by getting into the organizing challenges.
• On your blog sell organizing products that will lets you earn some extra cash.

Finding vendors:

• It is preferable to find some reliable trustworthy vendors of organizing products.
• You will need some other products like boxes, bins and files.
• Seek some alternatives in order to accommodate your client.

Selling at profit:

• Wholesale opportunities will assist you to get enough stock related to your projects including some items which you can sell on profit.
• Build up a quick system for ordering supplies and equipment quickly as needed.

Get some paper work done

You need to get certified by the National Association of Professional Organizers. Because you’ll need to satisfy educational and work experience requirements and needs more ever pay a fee.
The benefits and perks of membership include training, resources and listing in the directory.

Get advice about taxes, finances, insurance and business setup. Your local Small Business Administration office provides mentoring and advice.
Get your business name and income tax documentation filed/

This paper work is mandatory, so do file your documents, further it depends on you whether you want to hire any employee or not.

Set the price of your services

Determine the price of the services you are offering. Two kinds of prices you need to set:
• Price of your organizing services.
• Price of the purchased item for your client’s home.

Make it easy and profitable:

To make your work easy and profitable it is wise to set time such as set an hourly rate and charger accordingly keeping in mind the expense of travel.

Create a contractual agreement:

This agreement will provide the details of the services you will offer including ricing and all the additional costs.
This agreement will be customized for each client.

Seek discount from the retail stores:

There are some retail stores which offer discounts to the businesses who have to purchase such kinds of supplies.
It depends on the number of purchase you make you can have discounts up to 30%.

Advertise your business:

There are variety of ways to advertise and market your business:
1. Build a website
2. Send letters and emails
3. Use professional associations
4. Post ads on a variety of Internet sites.
In this way you will able to get new clients.