Dj-ing is all about a collection of songs which tend to fit together by immense of qualities. It is like compiling them all together which let people tap and dance on the floor.

In dj-ing it involves the following factors

• Production vs. Mixing Software
• Song Blending Techniques
• Harmonic Mixing
• Beat Matching

If you know all the above mentioned techniques of dj-ing then think of generating money from your talent.

Write business plan in which mention what DJ package you will off offer. You have to describe the charges according to the time frame you will offer such as hourly DJing to full-day packages.

Perks of djing:

It can be opted as a part time job and can be operated from home. You can cash your creativity through this.

As a dj-ing you should be capable of:

• Passionate
• Energetic
• Be a master of ceremonies
• Be competitive

Equipment you required:

• Collection of legally acquired music
• Couple of CD players
• Power amplifier
• Speakers
• Good quality microphone
• Cables
• Big vehicle to transport equipment

Get yourself advertised

• Print business cards
• Website
• Create a wedding blog.
• Make PR with local wedding-oriented vendors, florist and photographers.
• Brochures.