Car Rental

What is Turo?

Turo is an app which offers you to rent out your cars to others.

How to get started:

The process is quite handy follow these simple steps:

Sign up for an account:

List up your vehicle for rent.


Turo will take around 25% of revenue from every rental more ever it covers insurance and also the cost to list cars on the app.

Provide the description of your car:

Give the complete description of your car do mention about the features of car. After getting it done in the cars location your car will be ready for it.

Do a little research of the area where you reside

Seek what types of cars are in demand and the one which are performing perfectly.
It is told that large SUVs and luxury sports cars are best in this regard.
The best and most preferable way to make hefty money on Turo is to undercutting the market.

Car owners:

The owners of cars tend to receive around 70-75% of the trip price which further includes delivery fees and additional mileage charges.

Set your prices the way you like:

Set price on daily bases.
Set prices on individual day bases.

Payment procedure

Just after he time span of half an hour the ACH payment automatically starts functioning for your share of the trip ends.

How can you receive your payments

Sign up on the earning page and provide your email address on the given place. You will get to know the procedure to receive your amount it will be transferred to your account.