Bicycle Repair

Bicycle repair business is easy to start as it won’t cost you much to get started. Its start-up cost is not much.

Estimated start-up cost

$2,000 – $10,000
You can get it operated as home-based business and can also opt it as a part time job.

Bicycle repair a profitable business:

It is indeed a flourishing business which will let you earn a handsome earning. You can turn out any room of your house into a work-shop.

Skills required:

Repairing skills are required in this regard.
One must have know-how of what kind of tools he must have.

Before starting up get to learn:

• Before stepping into this it is highly preferable to gather all the information related to bicycle repairing.
• Approach any local trade school and get to learn the nitty gritty of repairing.
• Get to learn how to fix the flat tires.
• Read tutorials about it on web.

Get your-self recognized:

It would be fruitful to develop alliances with bicycling clubs and organizations of your community. It would be advantageous because this membership will let you get potential customers of the bicycle repair business.

Basic tools required:

• Metric size open wrenches
• Tire spoons
• Chain breaker tool
• Tire pump with pressure gauge
• Screwdrivers
• Spoke wrench
• Wire cutters
• Complete set of allen keys
• Ratchet set with size 9 to 17mm
• Adjustable pliers
• Flat bearing cone wrenches
• Crank arm pulley tool
• Work stand and a trueing stand for wheels.

You need to pay full attention what the client tells about his bike/bicycle snd where it goes wrong.

Before he takes back his vehicle you have to look for:

• Loose wheel bearings
• Bad brakes
• Frayed cables
• Out of adjustment shifters
• Loose pedal axle