Who is a baby sitter ?

A baby sitter has to take care of the children of all ages. It is the duty of baby-sitter to keep tabs on children as they are under his super vision. He does all at the behalf of their parents.

Who can opt for this business:

• One who is loving with kids and love to be around kids.
• One who deals the kids and their antics calmly.

Start-up cost:

Its start-up cost is not ultra. With little cost you can get started. It demands a great flexibility.

Show your ability in documents:

For getting into this business you need to gain experience. Later this experience you can show through documents. Because your potential client demands for the solid proof of your ability.

Attend child safety classes:

You need to attend child safety classes. There you will be able to learn about the nitty gritty of child care. American Red Cross offers the course of first aid so get to know about this course.

Get the certification:

There is certification of infant CPR and it is highly suggested to take that certification. It will enable you to deal with sudden mishaps boldly.

Setting your prices:

You should set prices in a way that it should cater you and your customer at the same time. It should be satisfactory for you according to the services you are providing and should be satisfying for your customers too.

Range of rates:

The range is somewhat like $11- $23 hourly. Rates could be varying as it depends upon the time span and level of care necessary for a particular job.

Open a business account:

By opening a separate account will assist you to keep tabs on your revenue and all the expenses related to your business.

Get yourself advertise:

You must advertise your baby-sitting business. Through the following means you can advertise your-self
• Fliers
• Business cards
• Brochures
You can even make your facebook page and can share your experience there. Think of making your blog it will help spreading your name and services.