Who is an accountant ?

An accountant is one whose task is to keeping tabs on financial records. Besides bookkeeping he performs some further tasks too.

Tasks done by accountant:

• Making balance sheets
• Making income statements
• Keeping financial reports
• Tax accounting

Common requirement for accountant

• Bachelor’s degree in accounting.

A bachelor’s degree in accountancy is a minimum requirement. There are some companies which prefer a post graduate degree in the same field.

An accountant must have the following qualities:

• Well-organized

Accountants have to deal with multiple tasks simultaneously so it is important for him to be fully organized. There is no point of performing tasks haphazardly. As an accountant you should be able to meet the deadlines given by your company.

• Time-management skills

The aspect of time-management has to be taken under consideration. Time-management will not be just for your convenience but it will also please your boss and co-workers.

• Initiative and innovative

As an accountant you should be able to take initiatives and ready to accept the changes coming your way in order to learn new things. You should be able to embrace the technological innovations. More ever you have to be forward in understanding the latest electrical systems.

• Effective communication

Communication is one very important thing for an accountant to talk clear and in simple terms.

• Honesty and truthfulness

Well these are the basic human values which are always considered valuable. So as an accountant you must display honesty and integrity.

• Mentoring

As an accountant you have to be very approachable. Present yourself as a mentor who is available for everyone. Further you need to show strong strategic thinking while keeping in mind the long-term planning. Whatever the area of accounting you are intended to opt it is mandatory to have strong analytical skills.

Pay scale of accountant

The annual salary for an Accountant is $49,545. In accordance with professional experience pay gets a rise. But here managing your own clients and in your own business, you can make according to the clients and work.

Get yourself advertised

For better employment opportunities you should try various means of displaying your services by sharing your academic and professional information.

• Create your professional profile on linkedin.
• Create fliers and provide your details of services in it.