Setting up a manufacturing unit requires negotiating a favourable plot or shed purchase, organizing for proper construction of the building, design of interiors and finding good deals on equipment and machinery. The design of factory building has to be in consonance with the type of industry and must have an appropriate plant layout. An architect’s estimate of building construction is essential for loan applications. Further, the architect’s the certificate for money spent on the building is needed for disbursement of that loan.

Among the utilities of prime importance are power and water. In many cases getting power connection causes delay in setting up of the plant. Therefore, it is imperative to commence work on these aspects with diligent follow-up. Power connections are generally of either LT (Low Tension) or HT (High-tension) type. If connected load is upto 75 HP, LT connection is provided. For connected loads of 130 HP or higher only HT connection is provided.

You also need to obtain water connection. The water supply can be augmented by the installation of the tube-well or submersible pump.