10 Reasons why Startup Entrepreneurs must have a Business Plan

Interacting with a startup entrepreneur, I faced a question that why he needs a business plan when he is initiating the venture with his own capital. It seems to me he is thinking of a business plan as only a fund raising instrument to submit in bank or any other financial institution. But truly a business plan is a tool for understanding how to put together everything in your business. It is useful to monitoring progress and keeping the business accountable. It also helpful in making sales strategy, recruitment and overall financial planning. Business plan is a written document that describes the nature of business, sales and marketing strategy and a financial calculations with a projected profit and loss account. Here I accumulate 10 critical reasons to have a business plan.

To Define a New Business Venture

By creating a business plan you will be able to define the new business venture properly. Needs of consumers that are identified for a product or services and you will be going to proceed to develop that idea

To Check Business Feasibility

By writing a business plan with every detail you can determine the feasibility of your business. You can create a financial model to project the ROI from the every realistic aspects.

To Calculate Startup Investment

A business plan will help you to calculate and understand properly the required startup budget. Actually it will help you even to take decision whether you are having that fund or you need to go for securing investment from outside.

To Secure Investments and Loans

Investors and financial institutions need to see a business plan before they are going to invest. Your business plan can only describe that your business ideas is enough viable to get funding.

To create an Effective Marketing Strategy

By writing a business plan you will be able to create a effective marketing strategy. It involves to identifying promotional opportunities, evaluating the market opportunities, researching, analyzing and identifying the target audience

To Study about Competitors

By writing a business plan you will be able to research, analyze and understand the market competitor properly. By monitoring competitors you will be also able to know their activities and you can start to anticipate.

To monitor day-to-day Operations

A business plan serves the purpose to have an effective tool to monitor your day-today business operation. It will give you confidence by showing whether you are in right track or there is something you need to think about.

To Calculate Business Performance

The most important aspect of a business plan is it acts as a growth engine and shows you the reviews about your business performance.

To Create HR Manual

A business plan will help you to create an organization structure and HR manual which is immensely effective for manpower planning.

To Attract Top-Professionals to Come

A business plan will give an overview and clear vision to talented people. Also you will be able to set specific objectives for them.

By keeping update your business plan regularly you will be able to take into account the economic climate of the industry. You will be more ensured you always have a clear idea about the direction you are taking your business in.