Close Corporation

A close corporation can be considered analogous to a ‘younger brother’ of the company. It is way simpler and quicker to manage and maintain.● Annual income tax returns are required.
● However, no audited financial statement is required by the law.
● A close corporation can have the number of members limited to 10.
● A close corporation also has a separate legal identity, i.e., it is also considered as a person in the views of the law irrespective of its members.
● In many cases, a close corporation is intended for its owners to sell the properties owned by the close corporation.
● Usually, any member of the close corporation may come into a contract on behalf of the close corporation.
● However, restrictions may be imposed by an association agreement and the consent of a member holding a member’s interest of at least 75% or the consent of the members holding that percentage of member’s interest collectively.