Business Law

Business Law Overview

What is a Company?

Meaning and Nature of Company

Classification of Companies

Principle of Separate Legal Existence

Business Law – The Corporate Veil

Duties of Separate Legal Existence

Conversion of a Private Company to a Close Company

Close Corporation



A Sole Proprietorship

Liabilities & Rights of Promoters

Formation of a Company

Private Company and Public Company

Memorandum of Association Concepts

Meaning of Memorandum of Association

Clauses of Memorandum

Contents of the Memorandum of Association

Business Law – Articles of Association

Meaning of Association

Definitions used in Articles

Business Law – Shares

Types of Preference Shares

Equity Shares

Transfer & Transmission of Shares

Powers of Directors

Buy-back of Shares

Business Law – Directors

Liabilities of Directors

General Duties of a Director

Duties of Directors

Qualifications of Directors

Appointment of Directors

Liabilities under the Companies Act

Powers of a Liquidator

Removal of Directors

Business Law – Winding Up of a Company

Circumstances in which a Company May Be Wound Up

Consequences of Winding Up

Compulsory Winding Up

Voluntary Winding Up

Procedure for Winding Up of a Company

Winding Up of the Company by Tribunal

Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up

Members’ Voluntary Winding Up

Annual General Meeting

Statutory Meeting

Business Law – Company Meetings

Business Law – Various Laws and Acts

Business Law – Law of Contract Act

Meeting of BoD

Contract of Indemnity and Guarantee

Business Law – Law of Sale of Goods

Essential Elements of a Valid Contract

Carriage of Goods by Rail

Carriage of Goods by Land

Business Law – Consumer Protection Act

Business Law – Industrial Disputes Act

What is a 501(c) organization?