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Innovation Reality, your business startup resource by Techonesia. The Purpose behind this website is to provide you with the best ideas as well as resources for you to start your own new business in any possible niche.

An information product business gives you all of the benefits that come with starting your own company: an extra income stream, flexible work options, control over your life and time without needing a background in tech to do it. The problem with most startup ideas is that they come with all kinds of connotations.

While thinking of starting your own business, the first thought that may have crossed your mind was probably, “What should I sell?” or, “Which market segment has the most money?” or even, “How do I start with my current skill set?”

You may not be able to build the next Uber or Snapchat. You may not want to even if you could. But you can absolutely build an information product business of your own. And we can show you how.

It doesn’t matter if you have your own idea or if you need a new one, we can help you with any of it providing you with the accurate resources in every scenario.

I’ve been scrapping and noting resources and tools for a very long time and this site is a result of the same. This work keeps on going and i keep on adding as many resources as possible on a daily basis.

I hope this site proves to be a valuable resource to you.

Thank You!